Can I apply?

Applications for grants in any category must be made in writing and should be received by 15th September for consideration at the Autumn meeting of the Foundation's Trustees. The amount of grant for each Category is set by the Trustees for each academic year. A fresh application is needed for each new year.

  1. All applicants, or children for whom an application is made, must normally be resident in one of the following: The civil parish of Akenham, Henley, Tuddenham St.Martin or Witnesham, or the ecclesiastical parish of St. Mary Magdalene Westerfield. However, a child who is attending Henley or Witnesham Primary Schools may be considered even if the home address is not in one of these parishes. In exceptional circumstances, the Trustees may consider applications from others living outside the benefit area.

  2. The applicant, or (in the case of parents' applications), the child or children for whom an application is made, must be under 25 years old.

  3. The parents, or guardians of children, making applications for grants must provide some evidence of the need for financial assistance such as qualifying for free school meals, income support benefits or tax credits.

  4. For students, the Trustees currently accept that the level of fees and the costs of attending universities and colleges, are in themselves an indication of financial need for students at the present time.